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Fallout 76 will increase stash size and add ultrawide support, but no FOV slider

Christopher Livingston

A post on Reddit by Bethesda today thanks Fallout 76 players for participating in the beta, says the development team been reading comments and listening to feedback, and lays out plans for some changes coming to Fallout 76 at launch or post-launch. It also states what won't be changing, and it's not great news. On the plus side, ultrawide resolutions will be supported after Fallout 76 launches on November 14, according to the post. That's not a big surprise since an ini tweak handled 21:9 well with the exception of the UI, but it's still good news that official support is coming at some point.

For those hoping an FOV slider would be added, there's the bad news: it won't be. "We haven’t supported FOV sliders in our previous games as it is known to break a lot of animations and causes a lot of clipping to occur onscreen. You do have the option to zoom out in third person on PC by holding View and moving the mousewheel, but we won’t be able to h

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