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Fallout 76 Xbox beta: hunting down outlaws for fun and profit

Christopher Livingston

The footsteps of other players begin in the Fallout 76 Xbox beta while I'm still in character creation mode. And it's weird! It's weird to be engaged in such a personal, private moment, trying to pick out my avatar's nose and eyes and facial hair and blemishes while simultaneously listening to someone shuffling and stomping around nearby. It's as if I'm trying to grab a few moments of grooming time in a mirror while standing in a busy public bathroom. The opening hour of the Fallout 76 beta is a crowded one.

I emerge from Vault 76 to find it's nighttime on the server, so that powerful iconic moment of stepping into the post-apocalyptic world for the first is sapped of its strength in the darkness. Plus, people are everywhere. Players are standing around, hopping, emoting, punching each other for zero damage, and dashing madly to collect what they can while gunshots ring out from all directions. It's like those videos of someone who has 25 cats and the

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