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Far Cry 5 Boomer trailer shows us why videogame ads need more dogs

Joe Donnelly

"I'm a very good boy who works very, very hard! Bad people killed my family. So I will take down the bad people! I jump on the bad ones. I bite the bad ones! It's easy and fun! I will find the bad ones for you.

Far Cry 5 – Play it like Boomer !

I will bring their loud sticks to you! Please pet me sometimes. We're family now! "As showcased in Far Cry 5's 'Guns for Hire' trailer that aired last month, these are the translated-from-barks-into words of friendly canine companion Boomer. Dispatched as a scout, Boomer will retrieve weapons for players following battles, and will tag nearby enemies at distance. He's also the star of the incoming first-person action game's latest short, aptly named 'Play it Like Boomer'. Over to you, good boy:

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