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Far Cry 5 review in progress

Christopher Livingston

I'm 15 hours deep into Far Cry 5, and while I've made a good amount of progress in that time—I'm about halfway through Ubisoft's open world FPS—I've still got quite a way to go before I can reach a verdict. In those 15 hours I've killed over a thousand cultists, I've heard the phrase "weaponized super-bear" spoken in complete seriousness, I've travelled via plane, helicopter, parachute, wingsuit, ATV and jetski, and I've stopped my car to save a farmer from being killed by an eagle only to watch him, the moment I got back into my car, get killed by a wolverine. It's a Far Cry game, alright, containing the same fun, ridiculous chaos of the rest of the series.

It's not much of a departure from the last couple games in the series, but a beautiful new locale and some tweaks to the formula freshen things up a bit. In Far Cry 5, you're a rookie sheriff's deputy sent, along with federal marshals, to arrest cul

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