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Far Cry 5 season pass includes zombies, Mars, the Vietnam War, and Far Cry 3

Andy Chalk

The Far Cry 5 season pass will take players to some unusual places, and I'm not talking about deep-fried testicle festivals or forbidden bovine love. (Sorry, James. ) I mean it in a very literal sense. It will include three separate adventures, each with a "unique Far Cry twist," featuring time travel, zombies, and a journey to another world. First up is Hours of Darkness, in which players will travel back to the Vietnam War to do battle against Viet Cong soldiers.

Far Cry 5: Story Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

Next is Dead Living Zombies, a desperate stand against the undead hordes in a variety of b-movie situations. And finally, there's Lost on Mars, an "everyone fights, no-one quits" jam with the spiders from Mars. The pass also includes a trip to a completely different game, that being Far Cry 3. PS4 and Xbox One owners will actually get the single-player only Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, but for us it's the standard edition on Steam. Ubisoft also dropped a new trailer reiterati

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