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First Jurassic World Evolution in-game footage plus details of theme park disasters


Over the weekend Frontier Developments released the first in-game footage from dinosaur theme park sim Jurassic Park Evolution, as well as details about how you'll build up your park and the kind of disasters you'll have to overcome. You can watch the footage, shown at the Frontier Expo, above. To be honest it's not all that revealing—it looks impressive but there's no gameplay on show. However, a panel discussion about the game did surface some tasty tidbits.

First In-Game Footage - Jurassic World Evolution

At the start of the game you'll send dig teams around the world to look for fossils, and then use those fossils to bio-engineer dinosaurs for your park. You'll start on a single island and then expand to a total of five islands as the game goes on, with each one granting access to new resources. While building your park you'll be following three development paths, the team said. 'Entertainment' is about giving visitors as much enjoyment as possible, 'Security' is linked to cr

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