Five Fun Diversions In Horizon Zero Dawn's Open World

Kimberley Wallace

Horizon Zero Dawn takes you to a post-post apocalyptic world that's just as beautiful as it is dangerous. In this unique landscape, humanity has regressed, losing its technological advancements and struggling to survive against mechanical beasts who have replaced them at the top of the food chain. While you explore the main quest to discover why this happened and more about main character Aloy, the world also offers different activities you can do to gain experience and engage with this unique playground. While we visited Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, we saw some of the things you can do in the world. Here are five ways you can spend some of your time, and Guerrilla says there's plenty more side events it hasn't revealed yet.

Corruption ZonesCertain areas of the map, called Corruption Zones, are teeming with hostile machines. If you're looking for a challenge, you can clear these out to ease exploration and earn more experience. These house some of the bigger fights in the game, combining a lot of different machine types to keep you on your toes. Think Assassin's Creed and Infamous' area-control side quests. Hunter ChallengesHunter trials are a way for you to test your combat skills.

In the city of Meridian, you will find a hunter's lodge for elite, big game hunters. However, you can't just walk in them; you have to prove you're worthy, so representatives of the lodge are set up around large herds. If you complete their tasks successfully, you gain experience and receive medals that allow you entry. Once in, you can work up the hierarchy of the lodge. Guerrilla compared it to a "hunter's guild.

" Hunter Challenges show players various ways they can interact with the machines using the different weapons at their disposal. For instance, we saw a challenge that required using the ropecaster to kill three Glinthawks (flying hawk-like machines) in three minutes for the highest medal. This is no easy task, as tons of other machines are all over the battlefield, making it difficult to use the ropecaster to pin down a Glinkhawk without having another enemy impede our progress. Hunter Challenges are for those who want to learn the ins and outs of combat and test their skills with specific weapons. It was one of the most chaotic proving grounds that we saw.

Tribe QuestsHumanity has split into several different tribes in Horizon Zero Dawn, and they have all learned to survive differently in a world full of mammoth machines. Tribes are located all over the world,…

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