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For Honor dedicated server testing begins tomorrow and everyone is invited

Andy Chalk

Ubisoft said in July that that dedicated servers were coming to its medieval face-breaking experience For Honor, although it warned that it wouldn't be for a while. Clearly it wasn't kidding. But better late than never, and so here we are in December with word that dedicated server open testing is going to begin tomorrow. Because it's a test, available game modes will be limited to Duel, Dominion, and Tribute.

For Honor Open Test: Dedicated Servers Introduction

But every hero in the game, including those released as DLC, will be available to all players for just one Steel each (Steel being the in-game currency), and while progress won't carry over to the main game, players who complete Daily and Community Orders in the test can earn rewards that will. Everyone who takes part in the test will also earn an exclusive emblem, and various other prizes will be awarded via random drawings. Open server testing is scheduled to begin at 8 am ET on December 14, and will open to everyone, even if you don't own the gam

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