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For Honor dives into Halloween with the Feast of the Otherworld event


Ubisoft has kicked off a "Halloween-inspired" event in For Honor called Feast of the Otherworld that adds a monstrous new mode to the game called Endless March. It takes place on Dominion maps, but features skeletons in place of soldiers, and they're a lot more dangerous than the usual fleshy hordes of minions. Skeletons can still be cut down in a single blow, but they hit a lot harder, so charging headlong into a crowd of them probably isn't the best idea. But that also makes them more useful than usual, too.

For Honor: Feast Of The Otherworld Halloween Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

"It's a good strategy to retreat into your minions, because if your enemy follows you and gets surrounded, they'll be in big trouble," game director Damien Kieken said. Zones are also different in the new mode. Holding them will grant 200 "temporary points" toward breaking enemy teams and they'll still confer healing effects, but one doesn't grant points over time as it does in the standard Dominion mode. The only

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