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For Honor is (finally) getting dedicated servers


Ubisoft offered For Honor players a peek at the game's future today with the announcement of two new seasonal updates, set to arrive in August and November, that will add new heroes, maps, gear variations, and other additional features to the game. But even bigger than that is the promise of a new "dedicated server infrastructure" that's coming "further down the road. " Ranked tournaments, which Ubi began testing last month, are also on the way, as is a new four-on-four PvP mode and "more robust" training options. Balance changes will continue to be made, many of them intended to "improve elements of the fight system to make attacking more advantageous while putting more pressure on defence.

" Some of those changes are actually already in place on the For Honor PTE, which also began a new session today. Ubisoft said it is working on making improvements to the existing online system that it hopes will improve overall stability. ""

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