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For Honor player wins $10,000 in championship by abusing an exploit


Over the weekend, Ubisoft hosted a For Honor tournament with $10,000 going to the best duelist. But many are upset because the victor won the prize by spamming an exploit that made his attacks unblockable. It was a disappointing climax to a tournament that highlighted just how poorly balanced and buggy For Honor continues to be, even though the community has been rallying for months to get Ubisoft to make changes. Many in the For Honor community are, understandably, pissed. "I didn't think it'd be this easy," said Jakub 'SB.

Alernakin' Palen after he claimed his $10,000 prize. "Before the tournament, I hadn’t played the game for two weeks. "Not exactly the kind of response you'd want from one of your best players. During the finals, Palen spammed a well-known exploit called 'unlock tech,' that made his attacks unblockable. The exploit works because of For Honor's lock-on system, which focuses your attacks on a single target.

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