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For Honor's upcoming Tribute mode is 4v4 CTF with three flags


Ubisoft's medieval clobbering sim For Honor is getting a new 4v4 "objective mode" called Tribute, in which teams must compete to collect "offerings" to present at one of three shrines. Each shrine with an offering will grant the entire team a buff—but only for as long as they can hold it. Shrines can boost a team's offensive, defensive, or awareness capability, enabling teams to prioritize based on their preferred style of play.

For Honor: Season 3 - Tribute Mode Reveal | Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

Or you can just brawl over whichever is closest at hand, if that's your thing. Either way, once a team has laid claim to all three offerings, a countdown begins: If the team with the offerings can retain control of them until it hits zero, they win. It's an interesting twist on Capture the Flag: With three "flags" in play and only four players per side, there will hopefully be some real tension between offensive and defensive play as matches progress—perhaps even enough to help it star

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