For lovers and fighters: Mass Effect Andromeda's full trophy list revealed

Brett Makedonski

Mass Effect Andromeda's complete list of achievements/trophies has recently leaked and things look slightly askew. Of the game's 56 singled-out accomplishments, 16 are for specific combat scenarios and only 1 of them is for humping. This is how intergalactic wars are started. And to even get that one trophy, you'll have to do three times the humping that you had to in other games. The "Matchmaker" trophy is for completing three romances across any number of playthroughs (although it's not clear how many partners you can romance in a single play).

Ryder's gonna be busy gettin' busy. For those sensitive to spoilers, now's probably the time to look away as the whole list is below. One of the more commendable things about this set is the way that some of the tougher trophies are hedged by giving equivalent single- and multiplayer options. Not everyone has friends to play with (and they'll have trouble getting that Matchmaker trophy). The full list of Mass Effect Andromeda trophies is below: Read more…

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