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Forza Motorsport 7 VIP package changed in response to player complaints


Forza Motorsport 7 rolled out earlier this week, and it's quite good. But changes to the VIP system left many fans unhappy: In previous Forza games the VIP upgrade included a permanent double credit booster, but in FM7 it was dialed back to five "mod cards," each of which could be used five times. That did not go over well, particularly given the language used in the original Forza Motorsport 7 listing on the Microsoft Store, which noted (via Windows Central) "additional benefits including 100% CR bonus Mods, VIP Driver Gear, and more.

" Developer Turn 10 denied that anything untoward was afoot. "As soon as we heard from our community that there was confusion about the VIP description in the Windows Store, we immediately updated it," the studio said in a statement. But while the wording was clarified—it now explicitly states that the upgrade includes "five 100% CR bonus Mod cards (five uses each per card)" the package itself, w

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