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Frostpunk's Automatons are helpful machines that probably won't kill anyone

Andy Chalk

The last time we ventured into the frigid world of Frostpunk, children died, people were eaten, and there was something going on with soup. Five months after that debacle (oh, there was a generator explosion in there, too), developer 11 Bit Studios has revealed a new addition to the Arctic hellscape that surely can't possibly make life even worse for humanity's most desperate dregs. Automatons are massive, steam-driven machines that can replace entire manual labor crews, working without rest (except for minor breaks to refuel) and without concern for the harsh environment or many dangers that can result in lost human lives.

FROSTPUNK | Developer Update - "The Cogs of Progress"

"They’re an example of pragmatic and authentic steampunk technology, used to endure cold and ensure humanity’s chances of survival," art director Przemyslaw Marszal said. It sounds like the helpful machines are all upside, but can it really be that simple? Senior lead designer Jakub Stokalski alludes to some Steampunk Cybernet

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