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Game director says Destiny 2 'doesn't have enough reasons for 'hobbyist' players to login'

Andy Chalk

Bungie released a new episode of its official podcast shortly after today's big blog post went live, and on it marketing director Eric Osborne, game director Luke Smith, and project lead Mark Noseworthy discussed the studio's commitment to getting Destiny 2 on the right track. Like the blog post, the podcast is frank about the current state of Destiny 2, the lack of long-term appeal for "hobbyist" players who want to spend an enormous amount of time in the game, and Bungie's missteps in terms of how it has communicated with playerbase. The developers said that, as an entry point for new players, they saw Destiny 2 in part as an opportunity to address criticisms that the original Destiny was too demanding, but in the end had "erred on the side of the casual experiences.

" Ultimately that led to the current situation, in which more committed players are struggling to find the motivation to play. "If you have a game that you love, you rea

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