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Games like Hellblade are eroding the border between indie and triple-A


Staring into the eyes of Senua, the heroine of Ninja Theory's latest game Hellblade, hurts like staring into the sun. Vibrant turquoise, her eyes cut as deeply as any of the viking weapons brandished against her and convey loss, anger, sorrow, confusion and courage in the space of a single heartbeat. They're easily among gaming's finest contemporary achievements, those eyes, and they're so real as to make the similar expressive work in The Witcher 3 look like sketchwork by comparison. They're more than merely pretty: they mark a shift in the gaming industry as we've known it for much of the last decades.

Senua’s eyes allow a glimpse of a gaming landscape where the lines between indie and so-called "triple-A" games are blurred. We're now finding better artistry in smaller projects. We're finding former mods like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds outselling the works of major publishers. And based on recent chats I had with Ninja Theor

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