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Get a rapid-fire primer of what Destiny 2 is with this latest trailer


The original Destiny was never released for the PC, which means that there are likely a fair number of potential Destiny 2 players on the platform who may not have a very clear idea of what it's all about. And the new "What is Destiny 2? " trailer released today certainly doesn't fill in any of the gaps in the lore—Why is Nathan Fillion a robot? Why does Earth only have one city left? —but it does provide a nice, quick rundown of what you can look forward to in Bungie's upcoming loot-shooter.

Destiny 2 – Official “What is Destiny 2?” Trailer

The short version is that Destiny 2 is an "action-shooter" that supports both solo and multiplayer action, including three-player strikes, six-player raids, four-on-four competitive battles, and soccer for some reason. (Which we actually already knew. ) There will be three player classes to choose from—Warlock, Titan, and Hunter—each with unique abilities and "massive" battles, exploration, and story to dive into. No hugs, thou

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