Get Ready For Our Mass Effect Andromeda GI Game Club

Ben Hanson

Mass Effect Andromeda is almost here, and we want to play through the entire game with you. If you're not familiar with the GI Game Club format, we break up a game into multiple chunks and then discuss each segment in detail on The Game Informer Show podcast while reading off emails from the community that are sent in to podcast[email protected] com. We're looking for all types of emails, from lore-hounds to funny little things you might have noticed. The first discussion will air on The Game Informer Show on March 30th, and will cover everything in the game up to the completion of the main story mission on the second planet. If you watched our live stream, you know that there is also a short introductory planet and we're not counting that one.

So please send in your thoughts on anything/everything in the game up until you've finished the main story mission on the planet after the planet named Eos. If you're looking for some discussion points to get the ball rolling, here are some suggestions: - What do you think of the Ryder twins? How do they compare as a protagonist to Commander Shepherd? - How well does the game build a sense of wonder about exploring a new galaxy? - How important is it to understand the backstory and racial politics among the species from the original trilogy? - What gameplay changes have you noticed, appreciated, or hated?

- Which character has made the biggest impact on you? - What's your favorite moment or sequence so far?   Once again, send your emails to [email protected] com. We're really looking forward to playing through this game with you, so please subscribe to The Game Informer Show podcast and get ready for a lot of fun discussion on BioWare's next game! To get caught up on previous GI Game Clubs, click through the links to hear us discuss the following games in exhaustive detail: Final Fantasy VII, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, 

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