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Get your AMD graphics card ready for Destiny 2


If it seems like just yesterday that AMD put out its latest 17. 8. 1 drivers, well… it was. Somewhat surprising was that those drivers made no mention of Destiny 2, a game that will be available for open beta / early access play next week, though the full game won't launch on PC until October. AMD has rectified the situation with its new 17. 8. 2 drivers.

Along with preparing for Destiny 2, the new drivers also contain improvements and optimizations for F1 2017 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. AMD only specifically mentions improved performance on its RX Vega 64 cards, but hopefully the drivers help all of AMD's cards in PUBG, since it has over eight million players and when we last looked at PUBG performance AMD GPUs were far behind their Nvidia counterparts. In AMD's internal testing, PUBG performance improved by up to 18 percent, and F1 2017 performance improved by four percent, compared to AMD's 17. 8. 1 drivers. AMD also lists other fixes for the new drivers,

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