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Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is coming on September 5

Fraser Brown

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the survival-themed follow-up to Wildlands, got a new trailer at Ubisoft's E3 conference, with Jon Bernthal giving a sinister but rousing speech to assorted goons.  Bernthal (and his dog! ) came onstage to chat a bit about Breakpoint and his role in the game, as well as his previous tough guy roles. He's a self-righteous guy with a big army backing him up, waiting to take down your exceedingly vulnerable Ghosts.  Breakpoint takes place on the fictional island of Auroa, with the Ghosts being pursued by former comrades led by the intimidating Cole Walker, played by Bernthal.

Expect to be on the back foot, running and hiding from an army and worrying about injuries. It sounds a lot less like the power fantasy its predecessor was, though you'll still have a bag of tricks to draw from.  You can register for the Breakpoint beta on PC and consoles here, which will kick off on September 5. The game is due out on October 4.  

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