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Ghost Recon Breakpoint patch promises better cover system and fewer framerate drops


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not very good, which is too bad because Jon Bernthal seems like a natural fit for a growly guy who'd very much like to fill you full of lead. Ubisoft is continuing to work on it, though, and today released title update 1. 0. 2, which focuses on bug fixes in order to provide "more stability and ensure a smoother experience for all players. ""In this Title Update, we’ve been able to identify and fix issues using player feedback and from data we’ve been gathering since launch," Ubisoft said. "We can’t thank you enough for the time and passion you’ve put not only into the game but also into sharing your experiences with us. "The next patch, 1.

0. 3, will focus on bug fixes too, but will also provide some insight into "the direction we’re heading in terms of improving the Breakpoint experience. " Hopefully that'll start moving it toward something better than "functional in a basic sense, but fundamentally at odds with every second of its own existence," as we put it in our 40/100 review—a surprising disappointment, given how much goofy fun Ghost Recon Wildlands can be. The 1. 2. 0 patch weighs in at 5. 4GB on PC and makes the following changes:General:

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