Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road DLC Launches Next Week

Zak Wojnar

Ghost Recon Wildlands launched earlier this year, dropping players into the biggest open world in the long-running tactical franchise's history. While many players have yet to experience all the wonders of Ubisoft's version of Bolivia, the first premium DLC expansion is just around the corner, and it's coming first to season pass holders. Narco Road will task players with bringing down a new cocaine kingpin, El Invisible.

Over the course of fifteen campaign missions, the Ghosts will earn the trust of three gang bosses while completing new side missions and exploring the expansive environment in new vehicles like monster trucks, motorcycles, nitro-equipped muscle cars, and stunt planes. The DLC will also include new clothing options for your Ghosts, and nine new weapons with which to wreak havoc on the Bolivian countryside. Narco Road will be available to Season Pass owners on April 18, while regular players will be able to purchase the expansion on April 25 for $14.

99. In preparation for the DLC, Ubisoft is releasing a new patch for Wildlands; the April 12 update will introduce weekly challenges for solo players, co-op groups, and even community tasks. Each 'season' of challenges will feature a united theme and last for six weeks.

This first season, The Rise and Fall of Unidad, is based around punching holes in that organization. For more on Ghost Recon Wildlands, check out GI's review, and a list of improvements which would make this good game even better.

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