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Give your bow a crosshair and more with Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands

Christopher Livingston

If you're playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance and looking to enhance or tweak your experience a bit, here are some console commands and codes you can use. At the moment there aren't a lot, and many of the console commands from the alpha—like an unlimited money cheat—have been disabled (so you may want to check out our money-making guide). In the meantime, here are the working console commands for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and we'll be adding more to this list as they are discovered. To activate the console, press the tilde key (`) while in-game. You'll see the console drop down from the top of the screen. Type in the codes below (the X is typically replaced by a number) and press enter.

Then close the console with the tilde key again. wh_pl_showfirecursor 1Using a bow and arrow accurately is especially tricky in KCD due to the lack of an crosshair. This command adds an aiming reticle anytime you use a bow. To turn it back off, replace the 1 with a 0. You will

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