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Gods & Monsters is an open-world RPG with stamina and resource management


Ubisoft's E3 2019 reveal trailer for Gods & Monsters was exciting and beautiful, but it didn't tell us much about the game. A month later, Ubisoft Quebec is ready to talk about it, and it kinda sounds like Assassin's Creed through the lens of Zelda. In a recent interview with Ubi's official blog, creative director Jonathan Dumont and senior producer Marc-Alexis Côté spoke on Gods & Monsters in detail. It's an open-world action game, like Assassin's Creed, but much more "lighthearted. " Amazon Prime Day deals: see all the best early offers right here. body . hawk-widget{--trd-blue:#2f6e91;width:100%;letter-spacing:normal;}. _hawk. subtitle~.

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hawk-widget{clear:both;}@media (min-width:400px){body . buyingguide . product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}"The narrator, Homer, is telling his grandchildren this story, but his grandkids are interrupting and asking questions along the way. Mythology has a good sense of humor, oftentimes, so there are certain instances where we like to poke fun at things," said Dumont. Dumont says he and the team loved building Odyssey's world, but felt limited by Assassin's Creed's historical setting. "During production, we started thinking, 'what if we made something that's 100% mythology? We could make a dramatically different game than we did before.


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