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Grab a new Shift code for Borderlands 3 before it expires Saturday


If you're considering a jaunt to Pandora this weekend, or a little off-planet shooting and looting, why not go out with a spare Golden Key in your pocket? Borderlands 3 Shift codes have been a bit hard to come by since launch, typically expiring within a day or two of being posted to Twitter. This one's no different, but we did spot it fresh out of Randy Pitchford's tweet oven, so here's the head's up: This code will unlock one Golden Key in Borderlands 3 if you redeem it by Saturday, October 26 at 8 am PST. CHCBT-TF6HB-ZC3WC-BT333-KBR3BYou can enter a Shift code in game, or head to the Gearbox website.

Golden Keys unlock a special chest in Sanctuary, which gives you a decent shot at some rare loot. If you haven't activated any Shift codes up to this point, you're in luck: our Shift codes guide includes some non-expiring codes, good for 8 Golden Keys, and more info on how to redeem them. Happy looting!

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