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Grimes will front an in-game band in Cyberpunk 2077


It goes without saying that you can't have a good cyberpunk experience without some good cyberpunk music backing it up. Syndicate would just not be the same without Skrillex, right? (And for the record, I believe completely unironically that Syndicate is a far better game than it's generally given credit for, and has an excellent soundtrack. ) To that end, CD Projekt has dropped a teaser showcasing some of the musical talents contributing tunes to its upcoming cyber-RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

The soundtrack will feature tracks from Run the Jewels, Refused, Grimes, A$AP Rocky, Gazelle Twin, Ilan Rubin, Richard Devine, Nina Kraviz, Deadly Hunta, Rat Boy, and Tina Guo. Refused may actually be the preeminent name on the list, at least in game terms: CD Projekt announced in July that the Swedish punk band will stand in for Samurai, Johnny Silverhand's band in the Cyberpunk universe. It's also recording a "greatest hits" EP as Samurai, featuring music "heavily inspired by the original source material, as well as original tracks created by the band exclusively for Cyberpunk 2077. "

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