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GTFO gameplay trailer showcases a strange, sinister underground treasure hunt

Andy Chalk

One of the more interesting games in recent years has to be the four-player survival-horror game GTFO, originally announced earlier this summer. At The Game Awards tonight, developer Ten Chambers showed off what I believe is the first look at actual gameplay with a new trailer that promises a sinister and thoroughly unpleasant treasure-hunting experience. GTFO initially appeared to bear a resemblance to the first game revealed tonight, World War Z, but once things got going it struck me as much more akin to an Aliens-like experience.

GTFO - Gameplay Trailer (The Game Awards 2017)

Players form teams of scavengers who are forced to explore a vast underground complex in search of valuable artifacts. Complicating the process is the presence of horrific monsters, who have overrun the whole thing, and aren't very keen on the idea of sharing the space. In case the bit about being "forced" to do the job didn't trigger your "something sinister going on" alarm, the YouTube description is a bit more

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