Guerrilla Games Talks About Creating Aloy In Horizon Dev Diary

Jordan Leendertsen

Guerrilla Games shared a new behind-the-scenes video detailing Horizon: Zero Dawn's protagonist, Aloy. While only a few minutes long, it dives into who Aloy is and why she is an interesting character. Shown as a strong-willed adventurous woman, Aloy is venturing into a world beyond what she's known her whole life, an aspect the developers cite as being purposefully similar to the player exploring the world of Horizon alongside her. The video also shows off some environments and enemies from the upcoming action/RPG.

You can watch the video down below. (Please visit the site to view this media) Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PlayStation 4 on February 28. You can read more about Aloy in Kim's character breakdown here, and check out several other Horizon features at our cover story hub. [Source: Playstation Blog]

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