Halo Wars 2 Summer Beta Leads To Changes

Mike Futter

Earlier this summer, Microsoft invited players to provide feedback for the in-development Halo Wars 2. Today, the publisher and developer Creative Assembly are sharing the fruits of those efforts.   One of the biggest issues from the beta was connectivity. Those problems have been addressed already. Additionally, Creative Assembly has already started responding to other feedback. The control scheme has been adjusted, and the team is exploring multiple button configurations.

However, that might not be done in time for launch. Leader powers return in Halo Wars 2, and next time you get your hands on the game they will have improved. Additionally, there will be visual tweaks to bases that more readily reflect their damage status. Resource requirements for buildings and units has been retooled. This will more evenly ramp up throughout the game. Players will also be able to command a greater number of troops, as the population limit has been increased.

The next Halo Wars 2 beta is scheduled for February 21, 2017. The game will be out on Xbox One and Windows 10 next year. For more, check out our Test Chamber featuring the beta. [Source: Xbox Wire]   Our TakeThis kind of feedback following a beta (especially one so early) is a great communication tool. Not only does it inspire people to continue filing bug reports and using the forums, but it evidences care for what the community has to say. I enjoyed the first Halo Wars, and I’m eager to see how the sequel fares (especially since I’ll be able to play with keyboard and mouse).


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