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Hellblade sales 'better than expected', will break even months ahead of schedule


Developer Ninja Theory is set to break even from harrowing hack-and-slash Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice months ahead of schedule, partly thanks to its decision to publish the title independently, the studio's chief creative director has said. Hellblade, which depicts a Celtic warrior's battle with mental illness, was due to break even between six and nine months after its early August release, but it will have made its money back "and then some" three months after it came out, Tameem Antoniades told VentureBeat. The decision to publish the game independently—the first time Ninja Theory has done that—was a big help because it means it gets the bulk of the money from sales, rather than a big-name publisher taking a slice.

"It sold better than our expectations. [Self-publishing has] opened up a bunch of doors and possibilities that we just didn’t have until this point," he said. "The triple-A publishing model goes in cycles, sort of, bu

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