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Here's 14 minutes of Rage 2 gameplay footage

Christopher Livingston

At QuakeCon this month, I got to sit down at a PC and play Rage 2. Much to my disappointment, the demo contained zero driving or open world exploration: the session was constrained to a single mission inside a building that consisted of combat only, and all of it on foot. It's not that combat isn't fun—I enjoyed the demo—it's just that I really wanted to check out the driving.

This is id Software, after all, they've got first-person shooting pretty well figured out by now, so most of my curiosity about Rage 2 is about everything else: the post-apocalyptic open world and crazy vehicle stuff from Avalanche Studios, developer of Mad Max. Another disappointment was that id Software (according to game director Tim Willits) was still figuring out some of the keyboard controls at the time of the demo, so I was only allowed to play Rage 2 with a controller, to which I say: booooo. As you can see in the 14 minutes of footage above (also here on YouTube) captured fro

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