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Here's 25 minutes of gameplay from The Division 2

Christopher Livingston

Your base of operations in Tom Clancy's The Division was a post office. It was one hell of a post office, to be sure: The James A. Farley Building in Manhattan is a grand and beautiful historical building occupying two square blocks in New York City.

The Division 2: 25 minutes of gameplay

But ultimately, it's still a post office, and that's simply not going to stack up against your HQ in The Division 2, which which is nothing less than damn The White House itself. Tough to beat that for pomp and circumstance. At an event in San Francisco last week, I got to play a few hours of The Division 2, beginning with the opening mission in which players will have to fight their way to the steps of the White House, which will be, similar to your HQ in The Division, a place for you to upgrade over time, adding NPCs like vendors who will allow you to unlock new skills and weapons, plus a home base to restock and stash extra gear between missions.

With the White House unlocked, I set out into the ruins of DC with three other players as a squad, and we tackled several missions and open world objectives together in one portion of Washington DC: the same area and missions that will be available beginning February 7 in The Division 2's beta. Above, you can watch about 25 minutes of combat footage from the event, from taking control points to battling bosses in campaign missions and open world challenges. Some written impressions and clips are below as well.

Meanwhile, Samuel's got The Division 2's endgame covered, including specializations, signature weapons, and the powerful new faction that arrives once you've completed the campaign.

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