Here's a new look at Prey's gameplay

Brett Makedonski

Earlier today, we hypothesized that Bethesda might show a bit more Prey in the near future. It was an easy guess to make. QuakeCon's happening right now and Prey's one of the bigger games that Bethesda's working on. We were right on the money. Here's a new trailer for Prey -- one that shows off a little bit of gameplay. It's more veiled exposition than anything, but we get to see short spurts of what the combat is like.

Those shadow monsters look like formidable foes, especially when they turn into chairs. Despite having a second glimpse at Prey, we still can't be too sure of what this game is. It's seemingly nothing like the Prey from 2006, and it's tough to even see why it shares the namesake. Maybe that'll become more clear somewhere down the line, or maybe this is a game that just doesn't really care about its roots. Read more…

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