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Here's our first real look at Black Ops 4's battle royale mode

GB Burford

Activision has been playing it safe with Call of Duty for years now—they've added new gadgets and sent it into the future, but it's hard to call any of the games an overhaul. This year's a bit different: Not only will Black Ops 4 not be releasing with a traditional singleplayer campaign, it's sliding onto the battle royale bandwagon with its Blackout mode, which went into beta this week. It may be more of the same as far as modern trends go, but not as far as CoD goes.

The PC beta hasn't started yet, but to get a sense of what CoD battle royale will be like, we've picked out a few video highlights from those playing on PS4 today. (You may want to keep them muted, or at least turn down your volume to avoid streamer outburst recoil. )

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