Here's what Dontnod's next game, Vampyr, looks like

Brett Makedonski

Sure, you know what vampires look like (sometimes bats, sometimes men, always monsters), but do you know what Vampyr looks like? Don't feel bad if you don't. Since its reveal back in January 2015, not a lot has been shown. It has mostly just been lurking in the shadows waiting for the chance to strike. Now's that time. Here is a good extended video of what Vampyr really is. It shows a lot of the game's systems (combat, abilities, vampire vision, dialogue choices) and a lot of the bleak setting.

London ravaged by the Spanish Flu doesn't make for a cheery atmosphere. If memory serves, this is largely what we were shown behind closed doors at E3. I wrote a preview based on that if you feel like checking that out. If you don't, I get it. Reading's hard, man.

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