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Hitman 2's latest elusive target is a politician with a body double

Jody Macgregor

From March 8 to March 18 an elusive target will be available in Hitman 2's Hawke's Bay level—that's the New Zealand beach house from the tutorial. Dame Barbra Elizabeth Keating is a corrupt politician who has dodged a scandal and is about to embark on a PR tour with a body double for safety. If you manage to complete the contract without killing the double, you'll get a higher rating. Which is nice.

HITMAN 2 - Elusive Target #4 Full Mission Briefing

It's the first part of Hitman 2's March update schedule, which also includes a challenge pack called The Butler Did It that unlocks a feather duster, some featured contracts sourced from the community, a Sniper Assassin map for owners of Expansion 1 and the Expansion Pass, and Escalation Contract in Colombia, and finally a Legacy Exclusive Target. Coming on March 29, it'll be the return of the Black Hat from the previous Hitman game, and eliminating him will unlock a tuxedo with gloves. Have a look at the roadmap for more information.

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