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Hitman 2's new levels feel like the series at its peak

Samuel Roberts

Agent 47 is crouched in a meeting room, hiding by a door and waiting for a target to walk in and get electrocuted by an elaborate trap I've set up. I've exposed a live wire, and made a water machine leak, and now I'm just waiting for the right moment for my cartel target, Andrea Martinez, to wander in, check out the leak and meet a dreadful end. Unfortunately, her guard notices the leak first, and walks in to investigate. Sod it, I think. I'll turn on the plug anyway.

I electrocute the guard, take his outfit, then tail Andrea around her headquarters until she decides to wander back down to the meeting room. When she walks in to investigate the half-naked guard's fried body, I choke Martinez, snap her neck, climb through the window and hop over the creaky wall I used as my entrance. Such messy encounters are how Hitman levels typically play out for me on the first attempt, while I'm learning enemy patterns and how the level is structured. I can't

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