Horizon Zero Dawn adds the option to buy in bulk

Brett Makedonski

Listen, I know it's not the sexiest thing, but it's still weirdly attractive. Horizon Zero Dawn now has the ability to buy stuff in bulk and it has some people very excited. This is why places like Costco continue to thrive (although I suspect that's more about saving money than just purchasing large quantities). Guerrilla Games rolled out a Horizon Zero Dawn patch today that implements a multi-buy system at vendors. All that's required is to hold down the X button to decide how many you want. Suddenly, a trip to the store is much less tedious.

Is it just me or does this seem like the exact kind of feature that a lot of triple-A games end up circling back to? Inventory management often goes overlooked and then addressed in an update. The quality of life changes come after players pipe up about why the current system is so needlessly limiting. Anyway, Horizon Zero Dawn: Now with a much simpler and quicker means of buying lots of wire. It's not the only change, though. Here's Guerrilla's long list of fixes in today's patch: Read more…

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