Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Diary Details Its Expansive Open World

Elise Favis

Horizon Zero Dawn is a step in a different direction for the team at Guerrilla, who are known for their Killzone franchise. Horizon Zero Dawn mixes both role-playing and action mechanics, and plops you in a world where society has regressed to a primitive way of life and robot dinosaurs roam the wilderness. "Storytelling in an open world and in an RPG is not something we had done before," says managing director Hermen Hulst in the video. "But I think all of us just really welcome it as a wonderful opportunity to create something that's so fresh, so new, that it's a wonderful challenge for us. " (Please visit the site to view this media) The game will feature several different eco-topes, which are distinct areas that have unique machines with their own behaviors.

Some of these places include forests, deserts, mountain peaks, jungles, and more. To learn more about Horizon Zero Dawn, click the banner below or check out our hub of exclusive content by clicking here. Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28.

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