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How Bungie plans to make Destiny 2 on PC 'legit on day one'


Earlier today, Bungie finally tore the veil off Destiny 2, the long-awaited sequel to its shooter-MMO. The game’s hour-long reveal event yielded a smorgasbord of new details, including the scope and plot of the central story, four new planets to explore, new activities and a raid to tackle, as well as a suite of fresh subclasses and gear. Even so, plenty of questions still need answering. We’ve already outlined what we—and, we’re willing to bet, many others—hope to see from the PC version of Destiny 2. So today, we spoke to Bungie's PC lead David Shaw to find out what Destiny 2 does to meet the unique demands of its newfound PC audience.

PC Gamer: Can you tell us a bit about the decision to have Destiny 2 launching through the Blizzard launcher? David Shaw: Yeah, absolutely. So, we’re huge fans of Blizzard. Always have been. Personally, I still have my Diablo 2 collector’s edition and all the characters—the action figures

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