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How Call of Duty: WWII can avoid rehashing every World War 2 shooter campaign ever


I can’t say I’m overcome with excitement for Call of Duty: WWII just yet. Some degree of that is definitely series fatigue—though I do think Activision has made the right call in returning to historical warfare over the modern and near future morass of the last several Call of Dutys. The best Call of Duty games (for my money) are still the original Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, which both portrayed the era of spitfires, fireside chats, and setting fire to Nazis. The problem is that this new one seems set to retread the same ground that every World War II shooter released since Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers has beaten into the sand on Omaha Beach.

And there comes a point where I just can’t get excited to storm into Normandy with Able Company again. Not only do these tales tend to overemphasize the heroics of a single nation, the United States, they ignore the breadth and depth inherent in what was truly a World War. There was so much more to World Wa

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