How To Get Into Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer

Matt Miller

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been a subject of a great deal of conversation in recent weeks. Lots of people are playing, and opinions are mixed on any number of aspects. It's a game that evokes strong opinions. Even as players debate what the game offers with its lengthy new campaign about the adventures of Pathfinder Ryder, BioWare has once again put together an engaging wave-based cooperative multiplayer mode, and you’re missing out if you don’t give it a try.   Unlike in Mass Effect 3, you can’t suffer any ill effects on your single-player campaign if you refuse to engage with multiplayer. However, you can get some solid bonus rewards for the campaign.

More importantly, the multiplayer mode is a lot of fun, especially if you can find a few friends with which to play.   We’ve been diving into the multiplayer mode extensively in the days since launch, and we also spoke with some of BioWare’s multiplayer game leads to get their most relevant tips. Between our experience and their suggestions, here is some advice to help you succeed as you confront aliens on those Apex missions.   Use Your Consumables Many players are tempted to hoard supplies and hold off on using them while in a match. That’s a mistake! “Use your consumables” was the number one tip I heard from the BioWare developers, and I can attest to its value in practice.

  In every match, you have access to four consumable supplies, mapped to your d-pad. That includes the Cobra RPG, first aid pack, ammo pack, and revive pack, and you can carry a certain number into each match (which can increase over time). While you can purchase these supply items individually in the item store, that’s not how you should be spending your missions funds (more on that later). Instead, make a point to buy multiple Supply Packs from the Packs tab of the Store by using MP Credits. Supply Packs are very cheap at 2000 credits, which you’ll snag easily from even the easiest match. The Supply Pack contains at least one of each of the four supplies.

  In a match, deploying these supplies when you need them is key to success as you move up through the tiers of difficulty missions (each of which gets you higher XP and credit rewards).   But shouldn’t I be stingy, and save my consumable packs and my credits, you might ask? No! Especially if your whole team adopts the approach of using consumables as a matter of course, you’ll be able to move much more quickly from Bronze on to Silver and eventually Gold tier matches. The extra money you earn there will make the paltry 2000 credits you spend on Supply Packs inconsequential.   As for how to use them, be judicious, but not overly hoarding.

For ammo packs, pop one if you run out of ammunition in the middle…

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