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I only want to play Baldur's Gate 3 if I can sleep-scum my way to victory


Statistically, most people spend one third of their lives sleeping. The same can be said of me playing Baldur's Gate. In Dungeons & Dragons (which the Baldur's Gate games are based) there always comes a time when you're riddled with magic missiles and have taken one too many maces to the face, and the only thing that can put you right is exactly 8 hours of rest. You can sleep almost anywhere in Baldur's Gate. Sleep in the town square.

Sleep in a sewer. Sleep in a dungeon just around the corner from a brood of giant spiders. Like a good Dungeon Master, Baldur's Gate attempts to punish you for closing your eyes in perilous places by allowing a chance that you'll be interrupted by an ambush, squandering those healing Zzzs with a fight.  But if you are cheating scum, like me, you learn to make liberal use of your Quick Save and Quick Load keys, rewinding time when your risky sleeping is punished and saving when it's rewarded.  Sleep-scumming is the only way I know how to play classic Baldur's Gate, and I refuse to play Baldur's Gate 3 unless I can use the same trashy tactics that got me through the Nashkel Mines.

Health potions and healing spells are precious, only to be used in the most dire circumstances. You can't just uncork a bottle of the red stuff every time a skeleton looks at you. The same is true of healing spells, which are a finite resource for your magic-wielding characters each day. Real adventurers are capable of sleeping off their ailments for the greater good, no matter how uncomfortable the environs.  

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