I thought I was prepared, but Ruiner totally cyberpunk'd me


Do you fancy a challenge? Do you long for the thrill of near-death and the subsequent feeling of satisfaction perfectly accentuated by the sinking rag doll of your enemies? Are you like me? If you are, then you want that challenge. You want your enemies to feel the pain you've been dealt and ten-fold. You want to kick their cyber bottoms into submission and make them cry for their cyber mommas.

  However, if you're like me, getting to that point will take precious time. I was psyched for at least a bit of a hillclimb with Ruiner, but my signature underestimatation got the best of me yet again. My aiming needed to be quick, I had to hone my abilities quicker, and I had to "git gud" in the span of just a mere half hour.   That wasn't happening. Read more…

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