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In our simulated Super Bowl, Tom Brady slam-dunked a bowling ball on a field covered with banana peels

Christopher Livingston

It's nearly Super Bowl Sunday, but there's no need to wait for the big game between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. Thanks to realistic football games like Madden 19 on PC, you can simulate the Super Bowl thousands of times in advance in an attempt to predict the score. Unfortunately, I don't own Madden 19 and I can't remember my Origin password, so I used Super Slam Dunk Touchdown instead.

I'm confident this is still a realistic simulation despite Super Slam Dunk Touchdown's retro looks and the fact that players can score in a basketball hoop, soccer net, or through the uprights using anything from a hockey puck to a tennis ball. Also, my teams include not only football players but one baseball player and a roller derby player, and during the game—which took place on a turf-covered field with basketball foul lines and contained three halftime breaks—the marching band would regularly stream out onto the field during the game and players would run into them. Hey, it's happened before.

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