Input lag patch coming to Tekken 7 on PS4 this week

Chris Moyse

"Input lag" has become a particularly common phrase thrown around fighting games in recent years. Though I heard it rarely around fighting game folk in the '00s, and barely ever in the '90s, it has become a common complaint referred to when discussing recent fighters. Input lag refers to the delay in frames from your finger pressing a button, to the move activating on-screen. Though this can be caused by obvious conditions such as bad online connectivity or wireless controller issues, it can also be present in a game's code, even going as far as having different formats having different levels of lag. Either way, we hear about it a lot these days, but it looks like Namco are at least taking steps to try to reduce the the levels in their own Tekken 7. December 14 will see a patch added to the game which is hoping to reduce lag, currently tested to be around 7.

7 frames on PS4, and longer on PS4 Pro. This patch was originally announced by Tekken and Soulcalibur producer Motohiro Okubo, speaking at the Tekken 7 West Tournament last month. Okubo only mentioned the PS4, whether this was just a slip of the tongue, or whether the fix will also come to the PC and Xbox One is currently unknown. What is known, is that I just lost another excuse for my fumbling, Lucky Chloe-assisted losses. Tekken 7 input lag patch dated [Avoiding the Puddle]

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