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Inside Eidos Montreal's darker, deadlier and stealthier Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Phil Savage

This feature was originally published in PC Gamer UK 318, published earlier in May. For more great features like this and tons more, subscribe and get PC Gamer magazine delivered to your door every month. In 2013, we met Crystal Dynamics’ rebooted Lara Croft—a young archaeologist who crash lands on a deadly island off the coast of Japan. Far from the confident adventurer of Tomb Raider games of old, this Lara was scared and unsure of herself—albeit in possession of a quiet, burning determination to survive and rescue her friends.

In the reboot’s follow-up, 2016’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara is more proactive. She travels to Siberia in order to follow up on her father’s research, and in doing so learns of the secretive and sinister Trinity organisation that killed him. This year’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider completes her origin story. Lara is now taking the fight to Trinity, and discovering how far she’s willing to go to get reven

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