Is Decima the name of Death Stranding’s engine?

Allegra Frank

Looks like Kojima’s settled on one Death Stranding’s engine could be called Decima, based on a logo spotted at the end of its newest trailer. Although the logo’s significance has caused a debate among fans of director Hideo Kojima, the man himself tweeted a video that suggests that Decima is nothing more than the engine Death Stranding is running on. Kojima Productions See the logo in the left-hand corner? YongYea, a YouTuber who covers all kinds of games on his channel, uploaded the video above, recapping theories about the trailer.

Alongside analyses of the posters Kojima Productions shared subsequent to Death Stranding’s trailer premiere at the Game Awards, he explained the meaning behind Decima. The name Decima comes from Greco-Roman mythology; she’s one of the three Fates. Decima in particular measures a person’s “thread of life,” which YongYea notes is an appropriate choice for Death Stranding. “Some of Death Stranding’s biggest themes include things like the rope and the stick and threads that connect all living things,” he says.

“If you think about it, there’s nothing that connects us mortals more than the singular fact that we all die at the end. ” Kojima has cited the philosophical concepts of the stick and the rope among Death Stranding’s key themes. He tweeted a discussion of these and other themes earlier this year, explaining that “the stick helped ape evolve into man,” while “the rope helps us capture and bind important things to us. ” And thus, the thread of life-measuring Decima is a perfect fit.

Both YongYea and journalist Michael Fortsch, whose Tweet is referenced in the video, cite sources that the engine is customized for Death Stranding. “Just got told that Decima is the name for the modified Sucker Punch Infamous: Second Son Engine Death Stranding is using,”

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