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I've started a Hitman 2 leaderboard war I cannot win

Samuel Roberts

In 2016, I (politely) made PC Gamer's Phil Savage review the episodic Hitman game a total of seven times back when we were working on the magazine together. That's one review for each episode, then one more for the complete package. Reviewing the same game seven times took some kind of inevitable, strange toll on Phil, and we've joked about it frequently in the meantime. In 2018, that's finally come back to bite me in the ass. I made him become a Hitman master, and now he is destroying me.

We've started competing on the Hitman 2's leaderboards, you see. I started this last week by making the mistake of goading on Twitter about finishing the game's first level, the sort-of tutorial, Hawke's Bay in New Zealand. If you've not played Hitman 2 yet, it's a fancy mansion in the middle of a beach that's completely deserted, until halfway through the mission, when all the enemy NPCs, including your target, arrive at once. I did it in about 17 minutes on silent assassin, which is far from an amazing time, but was enough to get me to the top of my friends' leaderboard:

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